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Who We Are

Our Mission

To be the strategic link between suppliers and customers. We facilitate product and process flow to fulfill customer requirements

For more than 70 years the Harry Krantz Company has been committed to providing critical program support and electronic components supply to defense, aerospace and industrial manufacturing. Our history and leadership span three generations, based upon a simple premise: deliver customer value by addressing the most critical and timely issues in the manufacturing supply chain. We understand the ever-changing manufacturing environment and have navigated it to our customers’ and our own success. Above all, we are committed to ensuring that our customers can focus on fulfilling their customers’ inventory-driven business requirements.

Solving the toughest inventory challenges

The core of our business is the strength of our inventory and our experience in finding and acquiring the most critical electronic components to address our customers’ most challenging obsolescence, DMS and end-of-life inventory needs. Our longevity is more than an historical footnote; it’s what gives us the unique ability to see and adapt to a business environment in constant change.

The challenges of managing excess inventory can impact long-term financial success and future production capabilities. Addressing a complex residual inventory challenge, requires a solution that focuses on both financial and supply chain requirements.

Catering to one without consideration of the other can result in undermining long-term strategic objectives and can create unforeseen and problematic consequences.

We are the company with the full breadth of supply chain capabilities, a proven track record of profitable solutions and the longevity, experience and flexibility to provide the best overall results for residual inventory challenges.

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