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The Largest Stocking Distributor of Board Level Military Components – Harry Krantz

  • Direct Purchasing Agreements
  • Long Term Supply Contracts
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • BOM Review for DMSMS
  • Obsolescence and Last Time Buy Solutions
  • Scheduled Orders
  • Buffered Inventory Program
  • Dedicated Stock for Legacy Programs

Supporting Customers Financial Success Through Better Inventory Management

Our history, stability and financial strength position us to help customers best manage product demand-supply cycles with innovative deal structures, leveling price fluctuations and boosting customer profits. Every inventory management deal we create is designed to help a customer come to a responsible decision that suits their application, financial needs and maintains their production continuity.

This is not just what we do, it's who we are and it's our passion. From our start more than 70 years ago helping customers manage their excess inventories, Harry Krantz Company adapts to increasingly complex, demanding business environments to solve customers' most challenging inventory-driven problems. No one has more experience in how to find, authenticate, acquire, protect, package, price, distribute and sell hard-to-find electronic components than Harry Krantz Company.

The right deal, the right way at the right time

Each customer has its own unique inventory challenges; with them come a wide range of financial considerations and production planning requirements. Because we adhere to the concept of standardized customization, , we can tailor a solution to meet a given customer's needs without reinventing the wheel every time. What this means for our customers is simple: they get an inventory management solution suited to their specific and exacting requirements - and they get it fast.

Mission Critical Provider

The dates and actual products might change, but the story remains the same: too much inventory one day, not enough another. And with fluctuations in product availability comes pricing volatility. Together, these twin pendulums wreak havoc on budgets and production schedules.

Harry Krantz Company helps customers on both ends of the supply cycle. With our vast inventory, global procurement relationships, inventory knowledge and financial acumen, we structure inventory management solutions for customers that minimize the volatility inherent in the electronic components market. The net result is peace of mind for our customers that they'll have the product they need, when they need it and at the price they're wiling to pay.

At Harry Krantz Company we understand that customer satisfaction starts before the first communication and continues long after an order has been filled...Read More