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What to Look For in an Inventory Partner

Supply chain management addresses the control and organization of materials to maximize value and achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage for the customer. This complex process often engages a host of key players, including suppliers, producers, distributors, engineers, and contractors. One critical component within the supply chain is aligning with a reliable partner who can manage excess inventory while eliminating any potential risk.

“Through a partnership with Harry Krantz, we have the ability to recreate demand in the marketplace by successfully leveraging and reselling excess and obsolete inventory,” said Cody Valentin, Harry Krantz Company Supply Chain Director. “We provide solutions to customers’ inventory challenges while affording them a positive cash flow on an ongoing basis. In essence, we have the ability to move material that would have sat idle in a warehouse at zero cost and create an additional revenue stream for the customer.”

Another important strategy to effective supply chain management is to provide customers with the highest rate of return on residual material against the original acquisition cost. “It takes years of experience and a high level of proficiency to accomplish this goal,” stated Mr. Valentin. “As the largest independent stocking distributor of military and high reliability components, Harry Krantz is the ideal inventory partner to execute this area of expertise.”

Your inventory partner should also possess the service offering of a peer-to-peer product exchange program, which gives customers the opportunity to view material at different site locations through a web portal. An important objective at Harry Krantz is to optimize the visibility of product for its customer base of OEMs, CMs, and distributors alike.

While a critical strategy is to maximize a customer’s return on excess inventory, quality assurance is paramount. A strong inventory partner maintains optimum quality control standards and the most up-to-date certifications. Mr. Valentin added, “Because we employ the most stringent quality control processes that are compliant with the industry’s best practices, our customers have full confidence in our abilities to manage their product in a controlled environment.”

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